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There has been a thriving Anglican community in Al Ain since  1987, at which time the  chaplains of St. Andrew’s Church  in  Abu  Dhabi  started visiting  Al  Ain  twice  a  month  to  conduct  services  of  Holy Communion  on  Monday  evenings  at  St.  Mary’s  Roman  Catholic  Church.


St. Thomas’ Church Al Ain  finally  assumed  its  own  identity, as a sister church to St Andrew's Abu Dhabi, in 2011.  Since  that time St. Thomas’ Anglican Church has continued to flourish and grow, and now embraces a diverse congregation  from  varied  ecumenical  backgrounds  and  church  traditions,  as  well as a thriving and popular children’s ministry.

St Thomas' has been generously granted land by the ruling family of the UAE to build its own church, and the Building Committee and Church Councils of both St Thomas' and St Andrew's are working hard on the building project. St Thomas hopes to be able to occupy its new permanent premises soon, but in the meantime St Thomas continues to meet in its temporary location.



St Thomas'

Prayer Activity during Family Service
Family Service at S Thomas
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